I consider myself a professional people-watcher, not just a photographer. My ultimate goal is to capture the true spirit of a moment, not manipulate it. As a photographer I aim to become a part of the background, a piece of the puzzle that you don't even notice. I am here as an observer and documenter, ready to capture the genuine spirit of an instant without anyone even noticing. If you don't see me then I'm doing my job properly.


I am a searcher of light, finding the most beautiful moments when the sun does what it does best. I prefer to hunt out the big windows, shady trees, and sudden beams of afternoon light than force the sun's hand with a flash.

I believe that sometimes I can see most clearly when I look through the lens of a camera, when I see things I've created once they're a step removed. I believe that the fashion I make is incomplete until it has been seen through the lens of my camera. Sometimes things become startlingly clear when you're not looking directly at them.

Above all else, I am a searcher and an adventurer. I prefer to take to the open road, to explore the world around me, to discover new places and to capture new moments of people existing with each other in their most beautiful, natural way.

Image courtesy of World of Wearable Art.